Kickstart Your Week :: AppSeed

I'm happy to be back with another Kickstart Your Week post! Note: Although I work in IT and took programming courses in school, I am not an App Developer. However, when I saw this Kickstarter campaign I was absolutely blown away! It is really an incredible thing. AppSeed uses computer vision to make the process of going from a sketch to a prototype faster and smarter. 

Using OpenCV, AppSeed:

  • Captures your sketched design
  • Identifies contained areas of your sketch and allows you to make them into a number of UI elements, including: Buttons | Maps | Streetview | Form text inputs with more to be added based on your feedback
  • Allows you to run the prototype on your mobile device
  • Allows you to share the prototype as an HTML5 prototype with others
  • Send the designs to a layered Photoshop file for editing
AppSeed in Photoshop
AppSeed in Photoshop

Image from AppSeed Kickstarter page

As of October 5th, AppSeed already reached funding but I still thought I would share this with you because you can get in on the Kickstarter action until October 9th. To state the obvious, this is for individuals interested in creating prototypes for mobile apps.

According to professor and AppSeed creator Greg Goralski in his interview with Forbes-

"[AppSeed] is made for people that create apps professionally.  It is built for the studio environment and to assist in the professional creative process. To allow for more iteration, more brainstorming, to get better ideas at the beginning of a project. As a teacher, I also see this as a great learning tool."

Once you watch the video, it'll all become clear. LOL

So if you were ever or are currently interested in creating an app or at minimum hand drawing an idea for an app to give to developer to create for you- it's worth at least the $8 level of investment.

If you would like to read more about AppSeed and the inspiration behind it, check out the interview by Seth Porges on Forbes.